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    It’s also not bad to be heterosexual, male, white, abled, or born to affluence or influence. You have no control over the circumstance of your birth. It’s what you do with what you have that matters.



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    i hope the shower isn’t too toasty for you.

    this is my favourite picture on the internet

    I hope hundreds of years later this picture is found completely out of context by anthropologists and it’s the final tipping point before they completely give up on trying to understand the internet in this decade. 

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    omg today in french i learned that the name for an “internet user” is “un internaut” and i laughed for like 10 minutes okay it’s an INTERNAUT LIKE AN ASTRONAUT FOR THE INTERNET




    that’s one small step for a blogger

    one giant leap from the computer to the fridge

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    As promised, here’s the last 30 seconds of my encounter with the cops last night. And here’s the full story of what happened:

    I was about to drop off my friend off at her apartment at around 1am, and as I’m driving down her street (at the speed limit) and about to turn into her complex (with my left turn signal engaged), I saw a cop pulling up behind me with his lights on. Note for the reader: it’s always a bad idea to pull over in a secluded area, because cops are shady assholes, so ALWAYS stay within eyesight of the public. For this reason, I stopped right in the middle of the entrance to my friend’s complex.

    He came up to my window and demanded my drivers’ license and vehicle registration. I asked, “what’s the purpose of this stop?”

    • He responded: “I’ll tell you why I stopped you after you show me your license and registration.”
    • Me: “No, you’ll tell me why you stopped me, and then I might show you my license and registration.”
    • Him: “You don’t have license plates.”
    • Me: “That’s not a valid reason to stop me.”
    • Him: “Yes it is. Under CA law, you need to have plates.”
    • Me: “Not if the car is new.”
    • Him: “This car isn’t new.”
    • Me: “Yes it is.”
    • Him: “Well regardless, this is a legal stop.”
    • Me: “I have a clearly displayed registration sticker in my window, which is legal in lieu of a license plate until I receive my license plates in the mail from the DMV. You don’t have any reasonable suspicion that I’ve committed a crime. You have no reason to suspect that the sticker in my window is expired, therefore you have no reason to stop me.”
    • Him: “Sir, I’m going to need to see your license.”
    • Me: “No you don’t. This isn’t a legal stop. Just like you can’t pull people over to check their drivers’ license status, you can’t pull people over to check their vehicle registration status in the absence of reasonable suspicion. But, if your purpose is to check whether my car is registered, then you can check the registration sticker, which you’ll see is valid. You don’t need to run my license for that.”
    • Him: “If you don’t comply with my orders, I will escalate this situation.”
    • Me: “Look, you’re wasting my time, and this is an illegal stop. Go check my registration sticker so I can be on my way.”
    • Him: “You need to peel the sticker off and show me.”
    • Me: “I’m not going to do that. You can walk around and look at it. It’s clearly visible in the window.”
    • Him: “I need to see your license.”
    • Me: “Once again, this is an illegal stop. Here’s my license and insurance.”
    • *Looks at insurance card*
    • Him, sarcastically: “Sir, what kind of car is this?”
    • Me: “An Audi.”
    • Him: “Uh-huh…and what does this say here?”
    • Me: “Infiniti…because that’s my old car, because I just bought this car, exactly like I already told you.”
    • Him: “So where’s your insurance for this car?”
    • Me: “Do you see the name on that insurance card? That’s my name, yes? I have insurance. My car doesn’t need to be insured so long as I’m insured.”
    • Him: “No, you and your car need to be insured.”
    • Me: “Do you actually know the law? Because it seems you don’t. Either the car, or the driver need to be insured. Not both. My insurance policy covers me no matter what car I drive, therefore I’m insured. That’s all you need.”
    • Him, sarcastically: “Oh, is that so?”
    • Me: “Yes. Do you know how law works?”
    • Him: “I’ll be back.”

    This is the part where he wastes 20 minutes of my time sitting in his car, while another cop stands at my window staring at me the entire time. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he called for backup, so another cop car showed up.

    Then you can see what happened in the video. But after that, I dropped off my friend at her apartment, and when I came back to exit her complex, the cop and his buddy were parked next to each other blocking me from leaving, just to be assholes. So I had to turn around and take the back exit.

    And this is a lesson to know your rights, because if you don’t, cops will trample all over you. You can’t be afraid to refuse their searches, or to question their reason for detaining you. Always ask, “am I being detained? Am I free to go?” Because the cops will always later claim that they weren’t detaining you and you were free to leave the whole time (a.k.a. that you consented to the encounter), which is almost always a huge LIE.

    Although it is worth noting that if I were black, poor, or uneducated, this situation would probably have gone very differently, and that’s probably the worst part.


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    i love how benedict cumberbatch keeps getting typecast as these dark, morally ambiguous, suavely intellectual antiheros or villains and then on cabin pressure he’s this tiny, prissy, awkward little british charlie brown with an attitude

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    it makes me really uncomfortable that 12am comes before 11am

    let’s file this under things that I was not fully aware of until a text post happened

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    am i the only person who randomly remembers text posts like in the middle of the day and just starts laughing

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    imagine you wake up one morning and open your eyes and your room is filled with every single celebrity you find attractive and they’re all doing the macarena 

    #my room isn’t big enough for this

    I have a really low ceiling, good luck Jared

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    what if this movie took place in, like, modern times? They’d be like, european backpackers who commit petty crimes to stay afloat and then one day they stow away on a cruise but then get thrown overboard when they realize that Cortez is smuggling drugs on board. Then they wash up in Puerto Rico, and meet Chel, who is the daughter of the really rich tycoon known as the Chief who owns the El Dorado line of holiday resorts, and after she figures out that they aren’t rich yuppies on their gap year, in exchange for not telling the police she lets them stay on her dad’s property until he can fly them back home. Then it turns out the chief’s financial attourney Mr. Khan is in league with Cortez and is planning to team up with him to embezzle loads of money and then ditch them all, and then eventually they realize Cortez has somehow followed them there and there’s a bunch of shit that gets thrown down and there’s a standoff with guns and they have to crash a giant lorry filled with cocaine into a police station to get the police to find them red handed and in the end Chel goes with them to Europe and stuff??

    d…did I just write a fan fiction? :I holy shit I’ve really been working too hard.

    this sounds glorious

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    did vulcans give blowjobs before contact with earth or was that something humans taught them these are the questions i want answered

    You only ask the important questions. This is what I like about you.

    im a scientist 

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